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Halloween/Samhain Spread Cheat Sheet

Something I developed for myself. I was really confused on what to ask my divination tools during Samhain/Halloween and after looking up the meanings & browsing other spreads, I compiled the most common themes to ask below. Feel free to add/correct me:

- Reflect. Anything you wanted to ask about your progress in life so far. Try to reflect on more ominous themes that you don’t usually think about like your shadow, Death/Rebirth, fear, “inner monster”. But above all, don’t dwell too much on them, take the wisdom and let go.

- Supernatural. Anything you wanted to ask about your magic & spirituality.

- Seance. Anything you wanted to ask to your ancestors/guardian spirits/etc. Like how they’re doing and what’s the Other Side like.

- Seer. Any questions about your future. You can go for the theme or be very specific with each category (eg. Career/work, love/relationship, study)

Basic formula of question: What state/condition is my ___ in now? + my challenges + advice to tackle that

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